Charles Michel met with Paul Kagame. Did he stand up for kidnapped Belgian, EU citizen Rusesabagina?

EU Council President Charles Michel met with Rwandan President Paul Kagame amidst Paul Rusesabagina’s detainment in Rwanda. While there is no information of what the meeting entailed, the question is if Michel made an effort to demand the release of Rusesabagina.

Rusesabagina’s Daughter States his Case in Italy Thursday, Nov 18

Paul Rusesabagina, inspiration for film Hotel Rwanda, now subject of “a political trial,” has been prevented from meeting with his lawyers since April 2021. His daughter, Carina Kanimba, with support of the National Bar Council, arrived in Italy to ask for release and a fair trial for her father.

The International Community Must Come to the Aid of Improperly Detained Rwandan Journalists

Journalists in Rwanda are being arrested for reporting on the current plight of Paul Rusesabagina. Rusesabagina, the inspiration for the film Hotel Rwanda, is being imprisoned for notifying the world of abuses, detainment, and deaths of human rights dissidents in Rwanda.

The Trial of Paul Rusesabagina Was Widely Decried as Completely Unfair. Why is He Still in Jail?

The conditions of Paul Rusesabagina’s detainment following his abduction in August 2020, is found to be in violation of the UN’s Mandela Rules, as he is endured unending solitary confinement both physically and in the spirit of his treatment.

The Verdict in Paul Rusesabagina’s Case – a Brief Legal Review

Paul Rusesabagina was found guilty in sham trial despite the lack of any credible evidence against him. Offices in the Belgian government, the EU Parliament, and United States State Department offer criticisms of the trial and considering actions to take against the Rwanda government.

False Charges and No Credible Evidence nor Witnesses Lead to the Guilty Verdict Against Humanitarian

Humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina, subject of the film Hotel Rwanda, found guilty in a sham trial in Rwanda despite lack of credible evidence. The trial comes after Rusesabagina’s decades of criticizing past and present Rwandan authorities on their committing of human rights abuses.

Why is the Rwandan government and press bringing up new “evidence” against Paul Rusesabagina now after the trial is over?

Despite the end of Paul Rusesabagina’s show trial, Rwandan press unrolls “new” evidence as waiting begins for the trial’s verdict. The new article published by KT Press, believed to be propaganda of the Rwanda government, comes shortly after independent criticism of prosecution’s lack of evidence.

One Year Anniversary of the Kidnapping of Paul Rusesabagina: No Evidence of Crime, but Still in Prison

Paul Rusesabagina is unable to access attorneys and evidence while in his abusive imprisonment by the Rwanda government. His circumstance comes after his decades of critiquing against the current regimes’ human rights abuses and violations against the Rwandan people.

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